Insulation materials

SikaBond T-8

SikaBond T-8 is a highly elastic one-component polyurethane waterproofing and tile adhesive in one.

Features: elongation at break ~ 400 percent.

Yield: ~ 2.5 kg / m2 (2 layers)

Tools: Trowel

Price: 10 ltr (13,4 kg) - 124,60 eur with VAT.

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SikaFloor – 400 N Elastic

SikaFloor - 400 N Elastic (RAL 7032 - Gray) is a one component, highly elastic, easy to use, UV resistant waterproofing and floor covering in one. Suitable for balconies, terraces, pedestrian bridges, entrance stairs and more.

Features: elongation at break ~ 450 percent.

Yield: ~ 2 kg / m2 (2 layers)

Tools: Roller

Price: 6 kg - 128 eur with VAT.

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We install and repair balconies and terraces on modern building technology. It is developed according to the recommendations of certified experts, designers and manufacturers of materials.

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