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  Why Water Leak From a Terrace?

Currently, many homeowners face a significant loss of water leak from a terrace. Flowing rain water will damage the lower interior design, and reduces the load-bearing structures of mechanical resistance and stability. Usually terrace installation consists of the following main components: G / B plate, concrete layer, vapor barrier ...

  Began to fall in an emergency condition balcony
  On Thursday evening detached from the dwelling house fell on the second floor balcony in the center of Vilnius
About Us

We do old-emergency balcony refurbishment works in accordance with modern building techniques. Balcony renovation technology developed by certified experts and designers recommendations.This technology is characterized not only by the fact that the restoration of the mechanical strength of the retaining structure and stability, but also the fact that the renovated balcony to drainage function. This feature requires that the balcony does not begin with G / B plate decay. These destructive processes triggered by temperature cycles, the cyclic freezes on the balcony plate penetrated the rain water (ice conditions the volume of water increases by 9 percent.). It is also the reason why is breaking balcony or floor tiles, and can lead to other defects.


1. Disintegrated concrete balcony must be removed because they are too weak and decay processes progresses very rapidly. In addition, the concrete is completely fails to protect the reinforcement from corrosion. The concrete should be removed mechanically or manually. You can only leave the concrete, which is a sound / does not break down. Chip the concrete, check valve condition and, if necessary, it is reinforced with additional bars.

2. Replacement of the removed concrete (concreting) G / B plate edges and the bottom of the formwork installed. Rinse with at least 300 class (C20/25), the plasticizer, a low water permeability (W2-W4), high flexural and compressive strength.

3. Galvanized tin tinned g / b edges

4. Installed on new concrete or reinforced polimerbituminė EPDM waterproofing and drainage layers (honeycomb geotextile (ISO drain geo8).

5. The last stage of the work process is formed reinforced concrete slope, and add a metal-inserts new fencing welding. Top of concrete consolidated. Upper floor balconies, which are without natural shelter, it is recommended to install the connection (water board, No.7) to the vertical surface.


1. Trims
2. Reinforced Insulation
3. Honeycomb
4. Geotekstile
5. Reinforcing the network
6. Concrete
7. Connecting to the grain surface
8. Insert
9. Old g/b plate
10. Intermediate

NOTE: Depending on the balcony of the state of design decisions taken